Monday, March 15, 2010

I'll See Your Roubo and Raise You A Holzapfel

Mr. Schwarz over at the Popular Woodworking magazine is building a Roubo bench ( sliding dovetail legs and all) using only hand tools.It has a 5" thick top in cherry with only one joint in it, and 12 pounds of epoxy. So far it is looking very nice, but I am officially throwing down the gauntlet!

I recently have recieved an offer to acquire the appropriate amount of Douglas Fir timbers 4" thick by 9" wide in whatever lengths I need to build, a bench?, yes a bench. Not just any bench, I also have a desire to possess a French woodworking workhorse, but I can't seem to envision giving up my Holzapfel style work holding power.

So not only will this bench be Roubo, the opposite side will be Holzapfel! Yes! Twin screw and quick release on one side, as well as a leg and wagon vise with a deadman on the other. What? No power tools you say? Done! I will also attempt to use only hand tools as well.  And just to ice the proverbial cake, sliding dovetail leg joints.

A total of four working vises, and for what? Because I need to do over the top on my stuff, and all Mr.Schwarz has to do is.....well, he doesn't have to do anything. He is after all "The Schwarz" 


Chris Schwarz said...


So you're building a Dominy Deluxe? (It's like a Royale With Cheese). Awesome. Bring it.

Wait until you see what Megan bought today for her next bench. Nine inches wide? Ha!


jgccustomwoodworking said...

Oh great there goes the step by step postings on the joinery bench. At least it will be worth it (This should become real interesting). Looking forward to the posts keep them coming

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