Friday, May 27, 2016

If You Have Seen Outside Drawers.....

Here is a fun project that I built for a trade show, with the help oh Han Solo (Can't spell his last name so he is Solo!)

The Long And Winding Road

In an instant everything can change. No matter how many precautions we take, or safety practices we implement, we as woodworkers are in imminent peril from the time we power up equipment until we turn them off.
 on October 17 of 2012 while routinely flattening edges of stock on the joiner I suddenly found myself missing the knuckles on my ring and index fingers on my right hand. Four years, four surgeries, two rounds of pins (four permanent), wires, physical therapy and scarred psyche, I am here.
So onward and upward! I will be reworking the sites to accommodate something that very rarely gets mentioned in all the magazines, books and blogs, and that is "How can i make a living woodworking?
 This weekend I will be posting pics and videos while making mission style legs for a kitchen i am building, and using the proper quadrilateral leg construction to do so. (Throw your veneer iron in the back of a very deep drawer.
 So I am here! Please join me for the journey, get your power and hand tools ready, and thanks for your patience.

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