Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tool Review: Grammercy Tools Holdfasts

This is the first tool review of many I hope, all centered around accessories and workbench related products. I will give you my honest opinion abut the quality and usefulness of anything I review here. I am not paid to do so, nor do I get free stuff from manufacturers. That being said what better necessity to review than a holdfast.

Not just any holdfast, The Grammercy Tools holdfast. All I can really say is "BUY IT". Buy one , or two, or ten. Best thing ever for a workbench hands down. Every cast iron one I ever had exploded in a matter of days. The Grammercy holdfast is a single piece of bent rolled spring steel, flattened to form the pad on the buisness end. It is hefty beyond belief. With just hand pressure pushing it in place, I was able to lift The Joinery Bench off the ground. WOW!.Best part, they're cheap! $17 for one $32 for two!

So in conclusion, "YOU MUST BUY MANY, MANY, MANY. You will wonder how you ever did without!!!


jgccustomwoodworking said...

Good day Tim, thanks for the insight on the holdfast's. I ordered two over the weekend and they should be here real soon.

Now all's I have to do is build that nice new bench. I am pretty psyched about it as I too have wanted to build a specific bench for dovetailing and after seeing how well yours turned out I know it is time.



Tim Williams said...

Got two more from my kids for my birthday which makes 5 total. Top 3 in the best tool I ever got category!


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