Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leg Vise: Remastered?

Well, over the last couple of days I was finally able to get downstairs and tackle the Roubo Dual Screw Leg Vise. After scoring some nice Purpleheart leg material from my boys at Asheville Hardware and two days of procrastination (or maybe fear of failure), I glued up my leg blank, flattened, tapered and drilled the screw holes. I will tell you that tapping the legs themselves might not be the best way to do it as my holes were not quite parallel to each other causing me to make adjustment in the holes in the vise leg blank.

The issue that had me boggled was how to adjust the bottom screw guide. to be honest I was going to just use a really short handle until I saw the groovy wagon vises over at the Benchcrafted site, "Hand Crank". OOOOHHHH, I like it a lot, That Jameel Abraham is way outside of the box. Parallel guides with ball bearing rollers? Genius!

Anyway, here are the pics of the vise and a closeup of the hand crank for everyone. I literally just came upstairs after testing it and snapping some photos just so I could get this post up tonight, and by the way, WOOOO HOOOO! I have only played with it for about 30 minutes, but so far it looks definitely like a keeper. So all of you traditional leg vise users, by the time you get the draw bore pin where you want, I will have already been planing, a lot!

PS: As soon as I can get to it, Photos don't do it justice, so I will be posting a video clip of the vise in action.


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