Saturday, November 26, 2011

What a Good Place to Start Again!

    Well, It has been quite a while, like it or not , it's "ON". This blog is in full swing again. I am hoping to focus on benches and hand tool work as a new focus for Bench Vice, and more power tool and general woodworking techniques on the Wood Therapy page.
    A new twist will be that a majority of content from now on will be on location, as I have acquired a slew of mobile technology, as a matter of  fact I will be uploading photos and videos of projects, techniques, and certain embarrassment of myself on the Facebook page.
    In honor of a renewed sense of purpose, here is a link to the very cool Bench Crafted Moxon vice hardware. It looks as if you could easily convert it to be a good twin face vise, if you don't care to spin the wheels.
  Two new posts coming this weekend!!



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